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A few funnies.

Everyone says Cooper is Dave’s mini-me, but there’s one area where he takes after me: he’s a chatterbox.

We’ve hit the stage where new words come out of his mouth every day, and this weekend he said so many funny things that I can’t not write them down. (My dear friend Becki gave me the most awesome gift at Christmas: a book to write kids’ quotes in. And I’m doing that, but I can’t share the book with all of you, so here we are.)


Cooper wandered into my office (it’s really a craft– or crap– room, but office sounds nicer), with his finger up around his nose. Not IN his nose, but in the vicinity.Cooper and his pompom

“Mommy. Boogers.”

“Do you have boogers?”

“Yes, boogers.”

“Who taught you about boogers?”

“Heidi did.”

Heidi is one of his teachers at school. She was thrilled that he threw her under the bus. It wasn’t the last time he’d claim that Heidi taught him something that he really probably learned from another kid.


Aunt Stephy was in town for St. Patrick’s Day, and we were getting ready to run errands. But first, we had to brush our teeth. Cooper brushes his own teeth for a minute or so, and then I take over and make him open wide, say “Ahhh” and let me brush his teeth.

Usually, he cooperates. This time, I think he was showing off for Aunt Stephy. I brushed one corner of his mouth, and then he grabbed the toothbrush, let out a big sigh and said “I’llllll do it. ” Drawing out the word like he was totally frustrated with me.

Never mind the expressiveness; this was significant because up until now, he’s always said “Cooper do it.” This is the first time I think I’ve heard him refer to himself using “I.” A big milestone!


Finally we’re out the door running errands on Saturday morning.

We were stopped behind another car. All of a sudden, from the back seat, we heard…


Complete with a growly voice. Nope, no idea where he learned that one…


And one more. Monday was the day of the big St. Patrick’s Day parade, and I may have briefly considered keeping Cooper home or letting him ride on the parade float with us. Then I came back to reality and realized I would have a whole lot more fun if he went to daycare.

I made the mistake Monday morning of asking if he was ready to go to school.

“No. Stay home.”

“What will you do at home all day?”

“Feed Lucy.”

At least he loves the dog and already knows his chores.


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