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A Mysterious Baby Bonnet.

Shortly after we brought Cooper home from the hospital, a small package arrived in our mailbox. It was addressed to “Master Cooper” which I thought was cute and very old-fashioned sounding in a charming kind of way, and it didn’t have a return address on it.

I opened it to find this:

baby bonnet


It’s a sweet little handmade baby bonnet accompanied by a poem that reads:

I’m just a little handkerchief,

Quite square, as you can see.

But with a stitch or two Ramona made

A bonnet out of me. 

I’ll be worn home from the hospital

Or on the Christening day.

Then neatly pressed and folded,

I’ll be carefully paced away.

On her wedding day the bride must have

Traditionally something old…

Good luck, good health, and happiness

It brings her, so it’s told.

Then what could be more pleasant

Than to unpack little me?

To snip a stitch or two and find 

Her handkerchief I’ll be!

And if I’m first worn by a boy,

He’ll surely someday wed.

Then he can give his lovely bride

The hanky once worn on his head. 

No note, no explanation of where it came from. The name of the woman who made it is on the poem, along with her phone number, so I thought about calling her to find out who sent it. But then I decided the mystery is kind of fun. Maybe this is some kind of newborn baby tradition that I don’t know about?

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