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A new kind of baby book

Mommy and Cooper selfies

At “two half,” as my kiddo says, he has no baby book—despite my months-long, crazy-pregnant-lady obsession over finding just the “right” book, the one I eventually settled on remains nearly empty—and I’ve sporadically jotted down funny quotes and important milestones in three different iPhone apps, Google calendar and a quote book that remains one of my favorite gifts to date (thanks Becki!).

And the pictures—oh, the pictures. They’re on my phone, Dave’s phone, the computer…and only somewhat organized. And rarely printed or shared with anyone else, unless you’re a Facebook friend or follow me on Instagram. I attempted a photo album once upon a time and it still only has pictures from the first three weeks of the poor kid’s life.

But instead of doing what I always do and feeling guilty over the lack of documentation of Cooper’s first two years of life, I figure I can always start somewhere and do better, right?

I’ve long been inspired by my blogger friend at My Bit of Earth—I’ve never met her in real life, though I know we live very near each other and, at times, it seems we’re living the same life. Except for the chickens in the backyard. I love her daily posts with short, sweet glimpses into her family’s life. And I especially love how those posts also serve as a well-documented family history, especially as her youngster grows up.

So, here goes my attempt.

On the way to school a few days ago, while we were stopped at a stop sign, Cooper looked out the window and said “Look, mommy, there’s letters!” And then he rattled off some of the letters he saw on Murphy Hall. I think he named them all except the U. Okay, smarty-pants.

We got to his classroom a few minutes later, and I noticed cut-out letters that spelled out Rock Chalk on one of the doors. I pointed at the letters and asked him what they were—and he named them all.

I think I assumed he’d been learning letters at school, but his teacher seemed as impressed as I was. And then, she told me that when they talked about shapes the day before he knew about hexagons, octagons and pentagons.

No idea how he knew that stuff.

Leave it to my dear husband to solve the mystery: sometimes in the mornings, when I’m still trying to sneak a few minutes of sleep, Cooper crawls into our bed and grabs one of our phones to play games. He loves his “games,” and he’s apparently actually learning something, too.

4 Responses to “A new kind of baby book”

  1. Meryl says:

    It’s the only baby book I’ve ever been able to keep up! I tried writing in a notebook for awhile, but I hated not being able to put photos into it the way I wanted. Tried a photobook, but then there’s no room for words. Bless the internet is all I can say!

  2. Megan H says:

    Oh, I love this! I was the same way – my kids even have MATCHING baby books. Yes, that is how anal I was about getting the perfect book….and I stopped writing a few years ago. So my blog is very much their baby books – something that made me realize that I have to get back to blogging.

    P.S. Your kid is smart.

    • Debbi says:

      Thanks! He’s a smarty-pants. I’m hopeful I can keep this going…I’m realizing how many things I’ve already forgotten about his short childhood so far!

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