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A Treat for Fat Feet.

The worst part of this pregnancy? Fat feet.

I’m lucky. It’s been easy so far. Reeeaaally easy. No morning sickness, no wacky cravings, no crazy hormonal mood swings. (Please don’t hate me.) The only symptoms or side effects or whatever you call them have been extreme fatigue in the early months, mild carpal tunnel syndrome and ridiculously swollen feet.

The swelling started in July and hasn’t let up at all. There are many days when my ankle bones cease to exist, and I now have firsthand knowledge of what “cankles” look like. They’re real, and they’re scary. My toe ring had to be forcibly removed. I had to buy new shoes a full size larger than usual. Let’s hope my feet shrink back down to their normal size after baby arrives, because if I can’t fit into my favorite boots…many, many tears will be shed.

Fortunately, no one cares if I wear flip-flops to work every day. Clearly, they haven’t seen my ankles.

I decided that if my feet were going to be twice their normal size, then I might as well treat myself to a pedicure. (Thanks to Linda and Katie for the birthday gift certificate that enabled this luxury!)


"Ski Teal We Drop" by OPI

Notice I didn’t include all of my feet in the picture. You’re welcome.

4 Responses to “A Treat for Fat Feet.”

  1. Joan Smith says:

    Debbie, I’m hoping you’ll post another baby bump picture…also, I hate to tell you this, but my shoe size went up also, never to go back to its original size. I love your posts…and I am so excited for you and Dave (and both sets of grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, GREAT aunts/uncles, etc…) God is so good. Babies are such wonderful little miracles…

    • Debbi says:

      I’ll post one soon! We need to take another one, actually, and I think the next one will actually be more impressive than the others!

      As long as I can squeeze my feet into a couple pairs of boots, I can live with replacing my other shoes! At least it would give me a legitimate reason to go shoe shopping. I just can’t believe how fat my feet are right now.

  2. Anne says:

    Hi Debbi! I am WAY behind!! I’m so excited for you guys! About the fat feet…I wore a 6 1/2 going into my pregnancy with Zane and my water broke as I was walking out of Shoe Pavillion with some size 9 slip ons. As horrifying as it was to see my balloon feet, it was also exciting to see the bones in my feet again. I remember just staring at my feet appreciating that the affects of pregnancy were not permanent. Then the whole thing happened again with Fiona!
    Best wishes to you and your hubby!

    • Debbi says:

      Thanks Anne! That’s the worst part so far (I’m lucky, I know)- I have no bones in my feet, just a big lump where I normally have an ankle bone. It’s hideous, but at least I’m only up one size (right now anyway). I certainly hope it’s not permanent!


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