living an unconventional life, one cocktail at a time

about the wife

I’ve been married to a bartender for fifteen years. We’ve been together nearly nineteen years. (!!!)

Our home renovation has been ongoing for fifteen years, too. It’s not done yet.

If I’d known about blogging when we started the renovation, I’d either be a millionaire or have my own sitcom by now.

We’ve successfully handled life with opposite schedules.

I like margaritas. I also like Captain and Cokes.

Both have come in handy during the long home renovation.

They also come in handy when dealing with a strong-willed preschooler.

And even though our own home isn’t quiiiiite finished—only the “little stuff” is left—we decided we liked it so much, we bought a rental house next door. And then one next to that.

This blog is about our life, our home, our dogs, our  child, the music we like, our hobbies and other random stuff.






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