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Baby Shower for Boys.

Co-ed baby showers are increasingly common, though the boys in my world don’t seem to realize it.

Our good friends Heather and Michelle offered to host a co-ed baby shower for us that included Dave’s bar staff and friends. We thought this was a great idea, since many of our friends happen to be male and it would also be an opportunity for Dave to be involved in a shower. After all, it’s fun to open presents and he should get to enjoy it too!

I’m told that the boys’ eyes glazed over at the mere mention of “baby shower.” Probably out of fear of games that required them to smell a diaper and guess what’s in it.

This baby shower was different. Two words: beer and football.

The hostesses assured the skeptical men that there would be plenty of beer, food and football— after all, the shower was on a Sunday afternoon— and that there would be no games.

The shower was like an afternoon party at a friend’s house that just happened to involve lots of adorable baby things. Some of the gifts for baby included a miniature KU track suit, an embroidered “shark attack” onesie and a crocheted winter hat with a pirate’s skull and bones design.

The best part was exactly what I thought it would be: watching Dave unwrap cute little baby clothes and toys and oooh and aaaah over them.

The boys from the bar should consider themselves lucky. A few weeks after our co-ed shower, I went to a co-ed baby shower for another friend. It, too, was full of fabulous food and gifts— but it included games. And the boys were expected to play. Without beer and football.

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