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Back N Thyme Bed and Breakfast.

I spent this weekend at an amazing bed and breakfast only twenty minutes away from Lawrence, one that I had no idea even existed. After all, why would I stay at a B&B that’s so close to home?

My friend Jenn put together a “work weekend” for some of her blogging buddies, and I was lucky enough to be included in this group. A weekend at an amazing place, with smart ladies I could learn a lot from, while also getting things done that I never seem to get done at home— how could I say no?

Back N Thyme bed and breakfast
back n thyme bed and breakfast

Back N Thyme Guest House and Herb Garden is in Bonner Springs. It’s a gorgeous Queen Anne-style home, and to my surprise I discovered that it’s not actually an “old” house, but rather was built around 25 years ago. A photo album in the living room displays pictures of the construction process and a number of magazine articles describing the house’s short history. And even though the home is right off a state highway and in the middle of a town, it feels like a country retreat.

I stayed in the Rosemary Room with Jenn and Kelly. This room was beautiful and very comfortable, and it had the most amazing shower! I may renew my efforts to convince Dave to put a heater in our bathroom. Back N Thyme has two other guest rooms available. Kristen and Sandie stayed in the Bay Laurel room.

The purpose of our visit was to work. Work on our blogs, cross things off the never-ending list of things to do and learn from each other. We took pictures, wrote blog posts and I finally figured out how to change a custom header on one of my websites. I also finished off an unrelated but important task, baby gift thank-you notes, which was a big weight off my shoulders. But even though we “worked,” the weekend was also fun and relaxing.

Judy, the innkeeper, was a gracious hostess and a fabulous cook. After being spoiled with pumpkin pancakes, baked omelets and muffins for breakfast, I was ready to move in. And even though she had a grandson’s birthday party to attend, she whipped up bruschetta for us on Saturday night.

I highly recommend checking out Back N Thyme. I’d love to take my mom there sometime (she loves bed and breakfasts), and it’d be a perfect place for a quick getaway with Dave someday.

I can’t wait to go back. I felt a little bit guilty indulging in a weekend like this while my husband was at home, slaving away building rooms on our house in between working at the bar. But it’s probably the last time I’ll be able to get away for a fun weekend with friends for a long time, and truthfully Dave was probably glad I wasn’t around to bother him. And, I am growing a human inside of me, so maybe I’m entitled to some fun time? I’m pretty sure I’ll miss that excuse in a few months.

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  1. That sounds awesome. What a great idea – dedicating a weekend to all those little tasks, but making it a fun relaxing “getaway” type thing. Love it!

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