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Boy’s best friend.

I was a little worried about how our rambunctious yellow lab would react to a new baby in the house. After all, she’d been the “baby” of the family, spoiled rotten for all three years of her life. The experts all say that labs are great with kids, but since Lucy was especially attached to me, I wondered how she’d feel when a new little person took away a lot of my attention.

What I should have been worried about: giving the poor dog some peace when a one-year-old refuses to leave her alone.

The kid is obsessed with all things dog: her food and water dish, her kennel, her toys. We have to baby-gate the food and water dish; she no longer has free reign to eat and drink because the kid makes a beeline for it whenever he’s in the kitchen.

I’ve given up on the kennel and decided to embrace it as a non-traditional baby playhouse. When Lucy kennels up, so does the kid. He sits in there with her and grins at us as he pulls the door shut, while she looks at us with a pained look on her face.

Kind of like the look on her face in this picture.


Anytime the poor dog is on the floor, minding her own business and chewing up the latest plastic container that the kid has dragged out of a kitchen drawer that no longer has a baby lock on it because mom keeps opening drawers too fast and busting them, the kid starts crawling on her.

Kudos to the dog, who tolerates it for awhile and then quietly gets up and leaves the room. They’ll be best buds. I’m glad they have each other to grow up with.

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  1. Joyce Johanning says:

    We are so proud of Lucy, we were reallly concerned about her before cooper was born.

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