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Clearly, you people need advice.

I started this blog with two goals: one, to keep some sort of a diary of our lives, since I don’t have time for my formerly-favorite hobby of scrapbooking and it might be nice for our child to know something about our crazy lives (at our ages, we won’t be able to remember all the stories by the time he’s old enough to ask).

And second, kind of jokingly, I thought it would be fun and possibly helpful to share advice on how to successfully date or be married to a bartender. We’ve been married almost thirteen years–and together for sixteen or so (Good God!)– and through the years, we’ve had many a friend attempt to do the same.

I say attempt, because it’s not always successful. Relationships are hard, people, and they’re really hard when you don’t even have the same bedtime!

Since I’ve now received not one, not two, but THREE random comments and emails through this blog from fellow wives and girlfriends Googling for answers and practically begging to know how I do it, I promise I will give some serious thought to the topic.

After all, it IS possible to be happily married to a bartender. Promise.

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  1. Megan H says:

    I can only imagine….and I’m all ears as to your advice!

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