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Dave’s Day at Famous Dave’s

Thanks to @free on Facebook, I found out about Dave’s Day at Famous Dave’s. The barbecue joint recently opened a restaurant in Lawrence, all the way over on the west side of town.

Dave’s Day was Sunday, and anyone named David, Dave or Davy got a free entree. Free food? I’m all about free stuff, even if it wasn’t technically for me. And even if it meant driving all the way across town. That’s a big deal; we don’t generally spend much time west of Iowa Street.

We rounded up some friends (including two Dave’s!) and headed west. A crowd of Daves- oddly, we knew them all- was gathered in the restaurant’s entry. It was a Dave party!

The thing is, this free food deal was a brilliant idea for Famous Dave’s.

Why? I’m not a huge barbecue fan. I like it fine, but if the restaurant choice is left to me, barbecue is far down the list. But, dangle “free food” in front of me, and it goes to the top. And even though we had two Daves in our group, we also had four other people who were paying full price. At a restaurant we otherwise wouldn’t have gone to that night.

A funny thing that happened: a server came to our table to ask our Daves’ last names. Why? Someone was on the phone looking for Dave. I laughed and asked if she didn’t think it was a prank; she said “no, it’s the police.” I’m still not convinced it wasn’t a prank meant to send the poor server all over the restaurant on Dave’s Day, asking every Dave for his last name.

And the verdict on Famous Dave’s food? I liked it. The service was good, the food was tasty and we’ll probably go back sometime. Mostly because there’s a Kahlua-drenched brownie dessert that I need to try in a few months.

4 Responses to “Dave’s Day at Famous Dave’s”

  1. Amanda says:

    Just found your BLOG Deb! I’m glad you guys made it to Famous Dave’s on Dave’s day. I was almost tempted to see if they would take Davis as a last name for the same deal. I’ve got you on my RSS now, so I’m looking forward to keeping up with you via BLOG. :-)

  2. Not gonna lie, we hit it up in Topeka only because of the free meal for me. Took out a friend, so had to pay for the wife’s meal and friends meal, but still three people eating a bbq chain for 30 bucks (including tip)wasnt bad. While its not my favorite bbq joint, its not bad. Good post!

    • Debbi says:

      Thanks! Glad you took advantage of the deal, too. We were amazed at how many Dave’s we knew when we got there- and it was late evening and they weren’t very busy!

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