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Easter bucket.

Sunday was technically Cooper’s second Easter, but since he was only three months old for his first one and had no idea what was going on, I’m counting this as his first.

We originally had plans to visit Grammie and Papa for the weekend, but a certain local basketball team and the NCAA tournament interfered. Win or lose, fans still drink–which means dad has to work.

So we spent Easter weekend at home, enjoying the glorious spring weather and wishing it could always be so perfect.

Instead of a traditional Easter “basket,” we opted for a bucket o’ fun that included sandbox toys, a monkey duck for the bathtub, a light-up tambourine, a bubble machine, a squishy basketball, an inflatable beach ball, a hula hoop and a few other random toys. Oh, and the tunnel he had to crawl through to get to the bucket.


The beach ball was the biggest hit, and the kid has barely been without it since he saw it. Alas, a home with a dog is not a safe place for inflatable objects. The first puncture wound held up with tape, but after the second hole, we gave up, put the kid to bed and crossed our fingers that he’ll forget about the ball overnight.


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