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Eleven Years.

Eleven years ago today, I got lucky. The most amazing guy married me, on the hottest day of the year. Seriously- it hit 109.9 degrees that day, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. And so I became the wife of a bartender.

Leaving church after the ceremony

leaving the church after the ceremony

Just a few of our favorite wedding memories:

The Reading.Our dear friend Peach graciously agreed to read one of the two bible readings we had chosen. Unfortunately for her, it was a verse from Philippians and she visited the groom’s room before the ceremony instead of the bride’s room. Boys will be boys, and they teased her relentlessly about how to pronounce “Philippians” until no one in the room knew if it was PhiliPEEan, PhiLIPian or, worst of all, fallopian. I think she went with PhiliPEEan during the ceremony. The lesson here? Spend your pre-ceremony time with the bride and her girls.

Cutting the Cake

cutting the wedding cake

The Wedding Party. After the ceremony, we bravely ventured over to South Park next door for outdoor pictures. I swear we told the wedding party to go ahead to Liberty Hall, the reception site. They didn’t get the memo. We didn’t last long in South Park, and upon arrival at Liberty, we discovered that the wedding party was still waiting patiently at the church for us to come back. They’re a bunch of lovable goofs.

The Bar. Of course we went to the bar. After Liberty Hall staff finally made us leave the building, we walked down the street, still in full wedding attire (including veil, which I insisted I was wearing all night.) It was a mixed group that included the wedding party, Dave’s grandpa and random people who had dropped by Liberty to say hi. Yes, we danced on the bar.

As Dave and I celebrate eleven years of marriage today, we’ll undoubtedly reminisce about our wedding day. But, this year our anniversary is also bittersweet.

Eleven years ago today, a new employee started working at the bar. Dean’s first shift at the bar was our wedding night, and even the most fully-trained bartender wouldn’t have known what to do when our wedding party arrived- and then disappeared, leaving the new guy to figure out how to close a bar. But he was awesome, and he worked at the bar for several years until he finished school and moved to Indiana.

We learned yesterday that Dean passed away from a heart attack. We’ll always remember the fun times we had with him at the bar, and every year on our anniversary we’ll toast Dean with a Miller Lite.


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  1. Jennifer Sanner says:

    Debbi: Thanks for sharing great memories on a special day (I’d much rather read your words than work on the magazine). Happy Anniversary!


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