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Everybody! Field trip.

Cooper’s Caterpillar class went on their spring field trip last month to one of our favorite places in Lawrence: PetWorld.

Oh my goodness does this boy love that place. So many things to see- hamsters and fish and bunnies and giant tortoises and even a Chinese water dragon!

We’ve gone to PetWorld many times on Saturdays for Storytime Live!, where a staff member reads a story about an animal to the kids and then brings out that animal for them to see and touch. Cooper’s favorite was when he got to feed lettuce to the giant tortoises.

So in the days leading up to the field trip, he hardly talked about anything else. “Field trip!” “PetWorld!” And on and on and on.

I joined his class at PetWorld for the field trip, and sadly I don’t have many great pictures. I took my “good” camera along fully intending to practice taking pictures, but as soon as I got there I realized I never put the camera back in the bag. So, iPhone camera it was. They say the best camera is the one you have on you, right?

cooper_fieldtripIt was pretty obvious during the field trip that Cooper had been to the store many times, as he ran around shouting about this animal and that creature. He was right up in the employee’s face ready to pet the snake, and patiently (!) waited with his arms out when it was his turn to hold the baby turtle.

And when it was time to feed the giant tortoises? This time, he got to go inside the fenced area where they live and hand—or throw—the lettuce to them! So exciting!

Now, if the vans are parked out front when we get to school, he gets super excited. “Everybody! Field trip today!”

Lucky for this little boy, his mama likes to take him on lots of field trips and adventures.


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