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Fifteen years feels more like five

Our dollar bill at Jefferson'sI cannot even believe that we got married FIFTEEN years ago.

It’s been fifteen years since we had a fun rehearsal dinner at the Lodge…fifteen years since I had to walk outside, then back inside to use the bathroom in our house…fifteen years since our amazing party at Liberty Hall that grandma talked about for years…fifteen years since I ran over my entire bag of nail polish because someone who will remain nameless (no, not me) left it sitting directly behind my back tire.

Some people might celebrate such an occasion with craft cocktails at a fancy restaurant without kids. Not us. One of our favorite downtown restaurants was back in business tonight after a fire kept them closed for months, so we enjoyed fried pickles, wings, and burgers with the kid at Jefferson’s.

Before my bachelorette party all those years ago, my girlfriends and I had dinner at Jefferson’s. That night, Dave, my brother and my dad babysat my nephew and our goddaughter at our house. The kids had a blast—Dave rearranged the furniture in a square, took all the cushions off the couch, and basically created a padded living room for them to bounce around in all night, while the girls and I partied it up at the Sandbar. (Of course. Where else would we go?!)

Today, Jefferson’s looks the same but different. Same tall tables on one side, booths on the other and regular tables down the middle. The bar’s in the same place. But it’s brighter and fresher, with higher ceilings. The massive collection of dollar bills that decorated the walls was lost to the fire, leaving the walls bare except for the TV’s and sports memorabilia.

We’re glad they’re back. I can’t imagine downtown Lawrence without one of our staples! Especially since we have a kid. It’s a super place to take a kid.

We capped off our anniversary dinner by leaving a dollar bill to commemorate the occasion. Welcome back, Jefferson’s!

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  1. Love this, Deb. (If only my posts read more like yours – like actual blog posts instead of chapters in a very long book.) We are so happy with the return of Jeffersons on so many levels!

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