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First Mommy+Baby Solo Outing.

It’s been over two weeks since baby was born, and the doctors finally cleared me to drive. Their criteria? No more pain medication, and that I feel comfortable slamming on the brakes in case of an emergency. Apparently abdominal muscles are used to push the brake pedal.

We’ve been out of the house a few times already; a trip to the pediatrician, lunch at Ingredient and dinner at the Burger Stand. But all of those trips were with dad. I escaped got out of the house by myself on Saturday, and I promptly felt guilty when I came home and discovered that Cooper cried the entire time I was gone.

Today, it was time for mom and baby to step out on their own, without dad’s help. This meant wrangling a baby, infant seat and stroller all by myself, along with driving a new (to us) car that I’m not quite used to yet.

I should have paid more attention when we were out with dad. Or at least checked everything out at home to make sure I knew how to use it. If I’d done that, I wouldn’t have been standing in a parking lot, frantically trying to figure out how to get the infant carrier out of the base and finally calling my husband for help, near tears and thinking “I should just go home.”  (Being the patient and kind man that he is, he didn’t laugh at me.) And it wouldn’t have taken me three full minutes to figure out how to unfold the stroller to put the newly-released carrier in it.

But I did it, and we went on our merry way. We were out of the house for four whole hours today, and we survived. It sure was a relief to be back home, though.

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