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Fun Things on Our Porch.

Our front porch has been a lot more active the past month. Between daily insurance statements and medical bills, boxes from Amazon with baby paraphernalia and the inexplicable multiple copies of phone books, I never know whether to be excited or scared when I venture outside.

The best days, though, are when surprise gifts show up!

One day, I went out to get the mail and found a box, a bag and a note from our friend Justin. I opened everything and found this:

cooper's surfboard

And this:

cooper's sandbar quilt

Justin made a special surfboard for Cooper, identical to the one hanging above the bar at the Sandbar, except of course it has his name on it. We hung it on his bedroom door.

And Justin’s neighbor Nancy (she made the amazing Sandbar T-shirt quilt we gave Peach for Christmas, and she also makes the mermaid costumes for the bar), made a little quilt for Cooper using fabric from the T-shirt quilt on one side and embroidered sea creatures and Sandbar sayings on the other.

So much more fun than hospital bills and insurance statements.

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