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Fun with Tweetups.

The Lawrence social media community had another great tweetup tonight!

If you’ve never heard of or been to a tweetup, it’s basically a social gathering of Twitter users— a way for people who talk to each other online to get together offline and socialize in person.

The first tweetup I went to was in the summer of 2009, after I’d been using Twitter for a few months. I kept telling my friend Caroline— the only person on Twitter I actually knew in real life already— that I’d go to a tweetup with her, and I kept cancelling on her out of an irrational fear of meeting online friends in person. Finally, I offered to host a tweetup at the bar, knowing I couldn’t bail if I was the host.

It was fun! And ever since then, I’ve tried to attend every tweetup in town and have even helped plan them.

Tonight’s tweetup was at Pachamama’s and featured a special presentation from the Lawrence Public Library about their current capital campaign. We had a great turnout of 25-30 people throughout the evening.

If you’ve ever considered attending a tweetup, do it. Lawrence has a great social media community both online and offline. And contrary to what my husband and other non-social media friends of mine might think, it’s not a bunch of people sitting around tweeting on their phones all night! Tweetups are a great way to meet new friends and network.

Check out for more information, follow @ltwup on Twitter, or connect with Lawrence Tweetup on Facebook.

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