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Go Ahead, Rub My Belly.

Pregnant women are cranky. I can say that, because I am one. Pregnant, that is, not cranky.

my belly in november

I keep reading articles on pregnancy websites where pregnant women talk about all the things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman, or do to a pregnant woman, or buy for a pregnant woman. And I think it’s common knowledge that pregnant women hate it when people touch their belly, especially without asking.

Honestly? I don’t mind. At all. I’ve only had a few people even attempt to touch my belly, and they’ve always asked first— usually very timidly, as though they fully expect me to freak out on them. I won’t.

Maybe it’s because this pregnancy has been super easy, or maybe it’s because it took us so long to get here and I’m so genuinely happy about being pregnant that I want to share it with everyone. Or maybe it’s hormonal. Instead of crazy mood swings and cravings and bizarre behavior, I’ve felt more calm and less moody than I do when I’m not pregnant. And I’m not the only one to notice; Dave’s pointed it out more than once (and I didn’t bite his head off when he mentioned it!).

So go ahead, tell me your labor and delivery horror stories. Or ask me how I get my shoes on (it’s hard). Or make fun of how much I’m eating or running to the bathroom. Or buy me baby stuff for Christmas. You won’t scare me or make me mad, I promise.

Heck, you can even rub my belly. And if you’re lucky, you might feel the little pickle kick you, and then you’ll know what I experience every day.

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  1. Gia says:

    awww, you look so cute! :)

    Glad you’re truly enjoying this experience and that it’s been relatively easy! xo

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