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Happy birthday to me, part one.

Another year, another year older. It’s funny how I don’t feel any older than I did when I was 25. Except I can’t go out and party into the wee hours three nights in a row anymore without needing a full day week to recover in between.

birthday dinner | www.wifeofabartender.comMy birthday was last Friday, and I took the day off work. My old friend Chad– not old as in old, although he’s older than me, but old as in we met in college– has parents who are awesome and spent the night at my house babysitting so I could enjoy a night out on Thursday.

Dinner at Cielito Lindo, around the corner from the Sandbar. It’s been years, but we all still call it “the old Dos,” a remnant of a favorite college hangout, Dos Hombres. The food wasn’t great, but nobody went there for the food. It had, and still has, the most amazing patio in town. We actually spent a few minutes on the patio Thursday, until a few raindrops forced us inside and upstairs, away from the karaoke downstairs and into the table where we sat for my 21st birthday dinner all those years ago.

A few surprisingly good fish tacos and tequila shots later, we followed our familiar path down the street to the Sandbar. You know how three paragraphs ago I said I don’t feel any older? I take it back. At 11 o’clock on a Thursday night in a college town, I feel my age sometimes. Especially when I look around the bar and half the crowd looks like they’re in high school, and I know they’re not because this is, by all accounts, the hardest-carding bar in town and the place where people go when they want to get away from the youngsters.

Old or not, it’s still fun. Even when my husband turns down the music and makes the entire bar sing “Happy Birthday.” Even when he follows that up with that stupid song “Thrift Shop,” because he knows I hate it (it’s not Sandbar music, I don’t care how much the people in the bar dance to it!). And especially when I knew– and I was right!– he’d follow that up with “You Never Even Called Me By My Name,” a staple from my college years and the sing-along-song of choice for my friends at wedding receptions and reunions.

By midnight, though, I was done. One thing about getting older, I value my sleep so much more than I used to.

Stay tuned for part two of this year’s birthday extravaganza.

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  1. Mrs. Mass says:

    Sounds like a great night! I’m a big fan of birthdays; they should always be celebrated to the max. Cielito Lindo, tequila shots, and music… yes! Happy Birthday!

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