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Happy birthday to me, parts two and three.

It’s been weeks since my birthday, and at my advanced age I can’t remember half of what I was going to say about the other two parts of my celebration, but I guess that just means that the stuff I do remember must have really been great. Right?

The actual day of my birth– a Friday– started off pretty great, even though I couldn’t sleep in (toddlers don’t get the memo that mommies like to sleep late on their days off) and I had to wait in line at the DMV for almost an hour to renew my driver’s license. That’s what I get for putting it off to the very last day. It wasn’t that bad, although the DMV could take a lesson from other offices and give out numbers or something, so that the “line” doesn’t move from seat to seat every three minutes when someone else takes their turn at the desk.

The ultimate pedicure at Rejuvene’ Spa might have been the highlight of the day, except the night before I found out that my old college roommate and his family were in town from San Diego. Birthday lunch at Free State+friends I haven’t seen in probably fifteen years=awesome.

On Saturday, we had a pool party. Every birthday for the rest of my life will probably include a pool party in our backyard, but I’m not complaining.

We are lucky to have lots of overlapping circles of friends who hang out and have fun. Twenty-somethings who work at the bar; college friends with husbands and kids; people I’ve met through social media; and some who have just been around so long, we can’t even remember how we know them. (That advanced age thing again. My memory isn’t so awesome these days.) The greatest thing? These overlapping circles of people blend together and create one big group.

Thank you, everyone who helped me celebrate another year!

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