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Have you seen my mind? I lost it today.

I’m convinced that before too many more days go by, I’ll be that crazy person who puts her phone in the microwave or can’t find her keys because they’re in the freezer, while the ice cream is melting in her purse.

Mornings are a little bit more hectic with a baby. (All the seasoned parents are laughing at me now.) Mornings have never been my favorite time of the day, but trying to wrangle an infant and all of his stuff, as well as my own stuff, is proving to be a challenge.

Every day, I’m leaving the house loaded down with a purse, the breastpump bag, my lunch bag full of snacks (because I’m still eating like a pregnant person all day at my desk), a lunch bag with bottles for daycare, a bag with the baby’s nebulizer and sometimes, another bag filled with diapers, wipes, extra clothes or whatever else daycare needs at the moment.

Oh, and a nearly 20-pound infant in a carseat.

Today, I dropped the baby off at daycare and gave them new instructions for the nebulizer. We talked about yesterday’s pediatrician appointment, baby’s cough and his new medicine. I kissed the baby goodbye and headed for my office, where I carted my bags across the parking lot and up three flights of stairs.

I set everything down on my desk. Purse, breastpump bag, lunch bag, baby’s lunch bag— oh crap.

Not only did I forget to leave the baby’s bottles at daycare, but I managed to pick up the bag out of my car and carry it up three flights of stairs (in my hands!) before I realized I still had it. Who does that?!

A tired, harried, inexperienced first-time mom, that’s who.

2 Responses to “Have you seen my mind? I lost it today.”

  1. Meryl says:

    Me, that’s who! (OK, I’ve never specifically done that…but I have shown up at work with my shirt on inside out…twice.) And don’t get me started on the days I don’t find time for coffee!

    • Debbi says:

      I haven’t worn my clothes inside out to work yet, but I won’t be surprised if it happens one of these days!

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