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Home Renovation: New Window

If you know us, or if you’ve read the “about me” page, you know that our house has been a work in progress since we bought it. It will probably never be finished, and I’ve mostly come to terms with that realization.

Our kitchen has two regular-sized windows that sit side-by-side and look out over the deck and pool. Dave recently discovered that both windows were rotting out around the edges…so, time for new windows.

After a trip to his favorite place in Lawrence, the Habitat ReStore (seriously, if you haven’t shopped here yet, do it!), he had a solution: one large new window. Our friend Marty at Kennedy Glass framed the window and Dave installed it today.

new window

taking out the old window

new window

looking in from the outside








The new window will open by swinging up and attaching to the house, like the windows at the bar. Plans call for an awning to be installed over the window, and a permanent bar or countertop to be built underneath the window on the deck. In the summer, we can open the window and pass things in and out!

Of course, a simple window installation is never simple at our house. We’ll have to re-sheetrock the kitchen wall, and put new siding on the outside of the house, which we had planned to do eventually anyway. But it will look a lot better! And it’s such a relief that Dave can do this type of work himself- it saves us a bunch of money.

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