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How I Met My Husband.

Our how-we-met story could almost be a sitcom.

One night when I was in college, I was with friends at my new favorite bar. We were sitting in the front of the bar in the “comfy” chairs that sadly no longer exist, when I heard someone in our group say “Hey, there’s David Johanning.”

Through my slightly intoxicated haze, I recognized that name.

first meeting

the moment we met

You see, my parents have been huge KU basketball fans for a long time, and they watched plenty of games on TV while I was in high school. I vividly recalled my mother talking about her favorite tall, skinny, blond basketball player and getting almost giddy with excitement whenever he was in the game. That player? Sure enough, it was Dave. Clearly she talked about him so much that his name was burned in my brain all those years later.

So when he walked in the bar that night and a friend said his name, naturally my first thought was “I have to meet him!” Followed closely by my second thought of “I have to have my picture taken with him for my mom!” Because even though he hadn’t played basketball in four or five years, my mom would surely still be excited that her daughter met him. And because when you’re drinking, your thought pattern is definitely not the same as when you’re sober.

I happened to have my camera with me and enough drinks in me to feel confident about asking this total stranger to pose for a picture for my mom. He graciously agreed. It was genius, really— after all, how many couples have a picture of the exact moment they met? And my mom still has that picture on her refrigerator today, fifteen years later. (Wow. Has it really been that long?!)

Our paths continued to cross, since Dave happened to also work at this bar that had become my new favorite place. A few months later, he asked me on a date, and the rest is history. Later on, we discovered a few more crazy connections we shared; I’ll write about those another day.

You really can meet a nice guy in a bar. For the record, my parents also met in a bar when they were in college. And they’re still married, almost forty years later.

11 Responses to “How I Met My Husband.”

  1. Patrick Conroy says:

    A picture of the day we met. That is very cool. Nice story.

  2. Joan Smith says:

    Hmmm… sitting on the edge of my seat…awaiting those additional connections…?? Ahh, what a small world we live in…

  3. Chris Swingle says:

    Good gravy, Clayton Hess is even in the background! This is possibly the perfect picture EVER.

  4. Chris Swingle says:

    Good lordy, you’ve even got an open-mouthed Clayton Hess in the background! Could this be the most perfect picture EVER???

    • Debbi says:

      I know, isn’t it hilarious?! Always loved this picture, obviously, but it cracks me up that Clayton is in the background!

  5. hoang vu says:

    what a great story. capturing the exact time when you guys first met. extremely few people can say that! very very cool.

    sheri and i met at the ole hawk 21 years ago! and yes it HAS BEEN that long. lol. j/k

    miss you guys bunches.

    happy gobble gobble to you, dave, and your littl’ bundle of joy!

  6. Casey Wright says:

    Awe! I love this! Such a fun story!

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