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How many college girls does it take to wash a car?

More than three, apparently.

I noticed a gaggle of girls standing around an SUV at the car wash when I pulled into the bay next to them–I only noticed, I think, because it seemed a little odd that all the passengers would get out of the car to watch, but whatever.

A few minutes later, as I was spraying down the front bumper of my car, I turned to find three young girls watching me.

“Oh, we’re just watching to see how you’re doing this. We’re learning,” one of them said.

Um, what? I didn’t say anything, but I was thinking “it’s not really that hard, you point the nozzle at the car and pull the handle, what is there really to learn?”

Another minute went by, and one of the girls came back over to my bay. “Do you happen to have any change?” she said as she held out a dollar bill. “We figured out that’s our problem.”

I pointed out that the car wash has a couple of bill changers on the building where she could get change, because I’d just used my last quarters, and besides, my time was running down and I didn’t want to use the rest of the clock hunting for quarters for strangers.

She walked off, saying thanks and that she’d ask the lady in the next bay.

While I finished up my car, I debated: do I go over and ask the girls if they figured out the car wash or if they needed any help, or do I just leave (and blog about it later)?

Usually I’m a helpful person, but I just left.

Fellow parents, I beg of you: please teach your kids basic life skills like how to wash a car. Don’t do all this stuff for them and then send them off to college, clueless about simple things. I don’t know about you, but I was washing cars on my parents’ farm at the tender age of ten, sent outside with a bucket of hot soapy water, old rags and a garden hose, and expected to scrub the wheels and everything. Heck, I’ve spent entire afternoons waxing cars, too.

The do-it-yourself car washes in the “city” are a breeze compared to my dad’s method of washing cars–and they even take credit cards now.

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