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I love Sandbar popcorn.

Well, I DO, except I’m not supposed to eat it right now because of the braces currently inhibiting my enjoyment of certain foods.

(I said “not supposed to.” Yes, you can interpret that to mean that I’ve snuck a few bites here and there when I couldn’t resist, like when a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year came to town for a visit, or when we visited my parents and my dad made his signature evening snack.)

But this isn’t about me…

When I dropped off Cooper at daycare this morning, his new assistant teacher had a funny story to share.

Earlier this week, it seems my imaginative child was “making popcorn” in the classroom. Maggie exclaimed “I love popcorn!”

To which my child replied, “I love SANDBAR popcorn.”

I think I’m glad that his teachers know where daddy works, otherwise they might be wondering why a two-year-old talks about a bar all the time.

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