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Like Father, Like Son. (Or, my kid is huge.)

Baby has been in a breech position for quite some time now. This has caused some consternation for his mother, because we haven’t been able to get decent ultrasound pictures of him and also because it complicates his delivery if he doesn’t change his position.

Our doctor ordered yet another sonogram to see if he had changed positions yet. We’ve had like six sonograms now, which is about five more than most people I have. It’s cool to see baby, so I don’t mind.

On Wednesday, we discovered that our kid is huge.

The little pickle weighs 6 pounds, 15 ounces already. That’s in the 75th percentile. I weighed less than that when I was born. Dave weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces when he was born— a whole month early. According to the doctor, this kid is on track to be at least 9 pounds at birth.

Also, he’s in the 91st percentile for leg length, and the 95th percentile for arm length. We’re not surprised. Have you seen Dave? Looks like he’s got a mini-me on his hands.

He’s measuring like a baby would at 37 weeks rather than 35 weeks. I hope this doesn’t mean he’ll arrive early, because I’m not ready.

What does surprise me about this news, though, is that my belly isn’t larger than it is for having such a big kid in there.

Other interesting things we learned over Thanksgiving: my mother was in labor with me for an extremely long time, and it turned out that it was because I was breech. They didn’t have ultrasounds back then, but she said the doctors finally rushed her to x-ray to see what the problem was. Apparently I turned around at the last minute. My father was also in a breech position, but he was actually delivered that way, as was his older brother. Maybe it just runs in the family.

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