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Local Love: Philsquare

I haven’t posted anything here in awhile. Partly because I’ve been busy feeding and changing a baby and trying to keep up with mountains of laundry (maternity leave is hard work, people), but also because my blog was hacked. Yep, hacked.

I logged in last week and the dashboard looked weird. I didn’t know what else to do, so I googled “WordPress dashboard looks weird.” Apparently, I’m not alone. Lots of stuff popped up, ranging from suggestions I didn’t understand to the big “H” word.

I tried a couple of the things I didn’t really understand, and then I called Philsquare.

Philsquare is a local business that provides coding and digital solutions. What does that mean? They help people build websites. They also host workshops and do all kinds of other things. I was lucky enough to meet Phil, the founder of Philsquare, through Twitter three years ago.

It didn’t take Phil long after he dug into the code of my site to figure out it had been hacked. He deleted things, recreated things and worked whatever magic , and before too long my site was back to normal. I still have to clean up a few things, but at least the dashboard looks normal again.

If you need help with your website, call Philsquare. Whether you’re just getting started and don’t really know where to begin, or you need something more advanced, they can help you out. One thing I really like is that Philsquare offers basic WordPress classes at a very reasonable rate so that people like me can set up a website.

Many thanks to Phil and his team for getting this site fixed! I guess I don’t have an excuse for not posting anything now, except a baby and the never-ending pile of laundry.

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