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Milestones, so far.

We’re halfway there. Only a few short months until December 30, the approximate date that another human will inhabit our house and lives. A human of the tiny variety, the variety we have no experience with.

A few important dates on this journey so far:

photo at 21 weeks

21 weeks

April 20.The day we found out. A celebratory lunch at Teller’s in downtown Lawrence, followed by the Kansas Relays Shot Put event in front of the bar that night. Surrounded by friends and trying to keep our new secret.

April 30. Jimmy Buffett concert in Kansas City with two busloads of our friends. Dodging constant offers of drinks while the margaritas flowed all around me, hoping no one became suspicious.

June 5. The day we told our parents. Dave’s family found out at the annual family reunion. We told my parents in the middle of a wheat field.

August 7. The first day I felt the little pickle moving around. Lying in bed on Sunday morning and feeling a strange sensation in my belly- like a gurgle.

August 12. We bought a crib! The first big purchase.

August 25. The first time someone who didn’t already know was brave enough to ask the question you’re never supposed to ask a woman, “are you having a baby?” Finally, it was apparently obvious to other people.

August 29. The first day Dave laid his hand on my belly and felt the little pickle kick. I think he giggled.

So, here we are. 23 weeks. We still don’t know what we’re doing.


8 Responses to “Milestones, so far.”

  1. Megan Stuke says:

    I didn’t know you were pregnant. Most exciting! :)

  2. Brenna says:

    Eeeee congrats! Perfect little family, with both of you, the baby and the puppy dog!

  3. Casey Wright says:

    Awe – what a fun post! You will cherish these memories! And don’t worry – even those of us that have little ones don’t really know what we are doing either!!!

    • Debbi says:

      Thanks! I’m trying to make an effort to keep track of all the funny things that happen along the way…great stories for baby someday!

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