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More Baby Milestones.

More important (to me anyway) dates that I feel compelled to document.

August 6. My first experience with the thoroughly overwhelming world of kids’ consignment sales. A visit to the KC Kids sale in Lawrence — which thankfully seems to be one of the smaller consignment sales around.

September 11. First actual maternity clothes shopping extravaganza. None of my pants fit anymore.

September 17. Another kids’ consignment sale, and this time I felt like a pro. Good thing, because this sale was ginormous compared to the last one. On the hunt for more maternity clothes.

September 17. First belly rub, by someone other than my husband. Yes, she asked first. And I didn’t mind at all.

September 20. Baby’s bedding arrived! And it. is. adorable.

September 25. The pickle has a mattress. And daddy got to pick out a stroller for baby’s gift registry. It seemed only fair to let him choose, since he’ll be the tallest person pushing it. Would it surprise you to hear that many things in this world aren’t made for men who are six feet, ten inches tall?

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