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My awesome husband.

Being married to a bartender has its perks.

Last night, some of my college girlfriends came over to catch up over drinks. One lives in Seattle and I never see her anymore, and the others are in Kansas City and I still don’t see them as often as I’d like. We planned on sitting by the pool, eating dinner and drinking margaritas all night.

What did my awesome husband do to help me out? What didn’t he do…

He cleaned up the house while I was at work. It’s really helpful having a husband who’s not stuck at an 8-5 job every weekday.

He picked up all the stuff I needed to make a new drink I wanted to try: beergaritas. You can find the recipe here on my friend Sandie’s blog. (Side note: we used Tecate instead of Corona Extra, because we already had 29 cans of Tecate in the house and Dave said it’s better anyway. I don’t drink beer, so I wouldn’t know. Also, we used orange juice, instead of substituting with orange-flavored liqueur, and these were still potent. Consider yourself warned.)

Then, he made the beergaritas for us. Of course he did, he’s a bartender. It’s what he does. He practically kicked me out of the kitchen after I gave him the recipe. He even rimmed them with salt and little slices of lime and added bendy straws.

He took our massive, five-separate-orders dinner request to Fuzzy’s Tacos, because they weren’t answering their phone and I suspect they wouldn’t have loved a call-in order that large anyway, and he brought it back for us.

He even stopped by La Familia and picked up two large cups of sweet salsa- something I didn’t even ask him to do! But he knows how much I love that stuff.

He put the baby to bed, stayed away while we girls gabbed on the deck half the night and then he joined us later.

It was a perfect night with my friends, and my awesome husband helped make it happen.

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  1. SuperJenn says:

    That is so fantastic! Go Husband!!!

    I’m glad you got a chance to do that, what a great time :)

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