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My First Mother’s Day.

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day. Well, technically I guess I could count last year, since I was pregnant at the time, but since it wasn’t public knowledge yet we didn’t celebrate it.

KU hijacked Mother’s Day for many of us by scheduling Commencement on May 13. My first thought was “who wants to spend Mother’s Day with thousands of strangers in a hot stadium, competing for attention with the graduates.”

My second thought was “this is brilliant— what a great way to make sure so many moms get to spend the day with their kid.”

Dave’s little sister graduated from KU yesterday, and a bunch of his family came to town from Oklahoma, Manhattan and the Wichita area for the occasion. His parents spent the weekend with us and got lots of grandparent time with their newest grandbaby. They even babysat on Friday night so we could have a night out with friends at the Jason Boland concert at the Granada. (It didn’t take much arm-twisting for them to agree to this.)

This Mother’s Day was the first one in a long time that Dave’s mom spent with all three of her kids. I spent the entire day with my baby, wearing him in the ErgoBaby carrier (LOVE IT. If you have a baby, buy one.) to watch his aunt walk down the Hill and then watching him smile all afternoon while his relatives passed him around.

It was a wonderful first Mother’s Day.

Congratulations to Stephanie and all the other graduates, and thanks for sharing your day with the mothers. And congratulations to three lovely ladies who made it Facebook-official yesterday that they’ll become moms this year: Nicole, Heidi and Anne!

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