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My New Favorite Candy, Tums.

I bet you didn’t consider Tums candy, did you. Neither did I, until I started popping them like jelly beans and candy corn.

One of the worst parts of this pregnancy, besides swollen feet, is the heartburn. (Yes, those are the worst parts. And I fully realize they aren’t that bad. I’ve said it before— I’m lucky.) Anyway, the heartburn started about a month ago, an icky feeling of a burning knot in the base of my throat. Occasionally it wakes me up at night; no easy feat since I sleep like the dead.

Those of you who suffer from heartburn on a regular basis, you have my full understanding and sympathy now. Not that you didn’t before; I just didn’t realize how awful the feeling was. Talking to you, dear husband, who takes daily medication to combat heartburn.

The doctor said I could take Zantac or Prilosec, that Tums only mask the painful feeling and doesn’t actually treat the heartburn, but I’d rather not take any medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary. So for now, it’s little chalky-tasting tablets instead of leftover Halloween candy, and trying to avoid (unsuccessfully) fried food, carbonated drinks and other heartburn triggers. All the things I love to eat and drink the most, of course.

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  1. Gia says:

    ah, I’m sorry to hear! I had a girlfriend who experienced terrible heartburn throughout her pregnancy as well. I hope avoiding some of your favorite foods helps! take care!

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