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My Quirky Dog.

My dog is not a dog that whines. She barely even barked for the first several months she lived with us- in fact, we wondered if she even knew how to bark. (We regret wondering that now. She barks a lot.)

I woke from a dead sleep one night because she was laying on the bed, whining. I finally figured out that Dave had come home from work, Lucy wanted to go downstairs to see him and for some reason she thought she couldn’t get off the bed.

A few days later, she woke me up again- she was on the bed in the guest room, whining because she couldn’t get down.

Suddenly, our over-one-year-old dog who has jumped on and off the bed for months with no problems, was scared to jump off the bed onto the wood floor.

The solution? We had to go buy a bath mat to put at the side of the bed. And our quirky dog immediately knew why it was there, and ever since then, she’ll only jump off the bed directly onto the bath mat.

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