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Nine months and change.

I’m baaaaack. Three months and a few days later, and I finally found a few minutes to write something.

The last three months have been busy. BUSY. Baby is growing and changing at a super-charged speed (and his crawling-around-the-floor speed is pretty fast, too), work is busier than ever and life just keeps moving forward.

What have we been doing?

  • Cooper and I went to Aquababy classes, a mommy-and-baby “exercise” class at the local indoor pool. I say “exercise,” because it mostly consisted of moms (and some dads) lifting and carrying their babies around in the water. It was fun, even if it wasn’t much “exercise,” and Cooper loved it.
  • We went to two family reunions, and Cooper got to meet his new baby cousin. He wasn’t the youngest baby for very long.
  • The Sandbar celebrated 22 years at the annual block party bash, and Cooper got to go up on stage with us, where he was introduced to the masses.
  • We celebrated grandma Jerry’s 90th birthday with family and friends.
  • We started baby swimming lessons at the indoor pool. Even though Cooper’s probably too young to learn to “swim,” we want to keep in the water as much as possible during the year. He absolutely loves it, and the teacher even said she wished all the kids had his energy. Be careful what you wish for...

Nine month collage


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