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One-Month Check-Up.

One of the important tasks that I failed to tackle during nine months of pregnancy was finding a pediatrician. I know, kind of important.

one month

We had to assign a pediatrician to see Cooper after he was born, and since he was delivered at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, we had to pick a doctor with privileges there. Which meant, not a doctor in Lawrence.

My friend Michele loves her pediatrician, so we listed them as Cooper’s doctor at the hospital. We saw two doctors from the practice and really liked them both, so we’ve continued to drive to Overland Park to see them twice now. Eventually we’ll need to find a local doctor, but for now it works.

On Tuesday, Cooper had his one-month check-up. And he’s a big boy!

  • Weight: 12 pounds, 9 ounces (92nd percentile)
  • Length: 24 inches (96th percentile)
  • Head: 15.25 inches (46th percentile)

So basically, our kid is huge, but at least his head is in proportion to his body instead of having a giant bobblehead like lots of babies have. Compare this to 8 pounds, 8 ounces; 21.5 inches long; and a 14.25 inch head at birth. He’s grown a lot in just one month!

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