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Parades and Jayhawks and bounce houses

Nights like tonight make me even more happy that we live within close walking distance of downtown.

The annual KU Homecoming parade was tonight and started mere blocks from our house. Friends and their kids met us here (easy parking!) and we walked through the chaos of South Park to find a good parade-watching spot.

On our way, we saw Baby Jay, Big Jay and one of Cooper’s teacher aides from school.

Cooper and Baby Jay |

Cooper and Baby Jay |

Cooper and Big Jay |

Cooper’s not usually too sure about the Jayhawk mascots when he sees them, but his new friend Maci wasn’t shy at all. She jumped out of the wagon and ran right over to Baby Jay and Big Jay both, and since Cooper was more interested in keeping up with her, he tagged right along.

After the parade, we headed down to the Sandbar block for the pep rally and, perhaps more importantly, the bounce houses. This was the first time I’ve seen Cooper actually jump in a bounce house—usually he just runs around, falls down and runs around some more.

Bounce house |

Something I never imagined I’d say to my child?  “Go play in the street and quit trying to go into the bar.” The street was closed, so it was totally safe. The bar, however, was quite busy and not the same place he visits on early Saturday afternoons with dad. Safer for the kid to be in the street, trust me.

A funny from the night: Rob Riggle (who was in town to serve as grand marshal of the parade) and his posse walked out of the bar and headed west, and Cooper darted after them and ended up in the middle of the pack.

I know they probably looked like more fun to hang out with than boring old mom, but unfortunately, he’ll have to wait a few more years to hang out with the big boys.

2 Responses to “Parades and Jayhawks and bounce houses”

  1. mom says:

    No baby book. just print off all of these blogs/pictures and there you have one. He is just adorable

  2. Alice says:

    maybe that should have my name, not mom. grammie to that adorable boy

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