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Party Like a Baby.

Cooper went to his first party last night! And mommy got to get dressed up, fix her hair and spend time with adult people. (And enjoy a margarita for the first time in ten months. It was darn good.)

mommy and baby party time

Our friend Coleen hosts a post-holiday mixer every year. Since we’re all crazy-busy in December, she has her holiday shindig in January, and it’s seriously the party of the year. Amazing food, tons of people, amazing food, drinking games in the garage, and did I mention the amazing food?

We weren’t missing this event, baby or not, so we packed up Cooper and all his stuff and headed over to the party an hour later than we planned. It’s hard work getting out of the house with a baby.

Cooper met lots of new people and they all wanted to hold him. (Especially his new future babysitter Betsy, who couldn’t keep her hands off him. She even volunteered to change his diaper. I let her.) Everyone agreed that baby is adorable and looks more like a three-month-old than a month-old baby. His cheeks have puffed out and he’s gained lots of weight. If only the hospital nurses could see him now!

Baby was a rock star at his first party. He didn’t spit up on his snazzy clothes once— probably because I had three changes of clothes in his diaper bag. He only cried a few times— and once was when mommy held him. He slept, he ate and he spent lots of time looking at people. And then we went home.


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