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Round 2 of the 3D Sonogram: Still Uncooperative.

Last month, we had our “fun scan.” We hoped to get a great picture of our baby boy, but alas he was stubborn and shy and wouldn’t move his legs from in front of his face. He was uncooperative enough that the doctor’s office let us reschedule the scan.


the best picture we got of little pickle

We went back the following week. And discovered that the little pickle was STILL uncooperative or shy or stubborn.

The technician spent a lot of time with us, more time than she probably should have, in an attempt to get a decent picture of baby. We finally walked out with a folder full of semi-decent pictures, a recording of the entire scan on a CD, and another disk full of digital pictures.

Baby was still in a breech position, with his legs folded up around his head. No matter what tricks the technician tried, he just wouldn’t move around much. I like to think he’s a bit of a prankster already.


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  1. SuperJenn says:

    Awwww! Baby!!

    I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t be a bit of a prankster already :)

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