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Safe stairs.

If you know us even a little, you know that since we bought our 138-year-old house back in 1999, we’ve been living in a permanent state of home renovation. Seriously, it never ends.

The house was divided into two apartments at one point; one upstairs, one downstairs. We rented the upstairs apartment to Tierney and then Pat, and then we kicked our friends out and took over the space. In order to convert the house back to its original state of a single-family home, one (okay, one of many) major project needed to happen: moving the staircase.

When we bought it, the stairs were in the front of the house and led straight down to the front door of the upstairs apartment. Since we didn’t really want to go out one front door and back in another every time we wanted to go upstairs, Dave and my dad got to work. They built a new staircase and put it back where it belonged, in what is now our dining room.

Stair banister | www.wifeofabartender.comAnd that was it. The staircase was basically finished, except for one important thing–a banister. But life kept getting in the way, and there were always other priorities, and it’s not like either of us or the dogs needed a banister.

Until our 13-month-old child learned how to climb stairs at Ken and Heather’s Super Bowl party this year.

Suddenly, the banister became priority number one on the to-do list. Luckily, Dave’s favorite store, the Habitat ReStore, saved the day.

He happened to find a wooden banister rail with a full set of spindles for just fifty bucks. The wood matched our stairs and it was all in good shape. This weekend, he cut and glued everything in place.

We still don’t let Cooper go up the stairs unsupervised, but at least the banister makes us feel safer. And hopefully will ease the minds of both grandmas.

I can’t say enough about the Habitat ReStore. If you’re handy at all, and can see past the piles of “stuff,” go there. Dave has found so many things there: parade float materials, doors, plastic outdoor toys for the kid. He’s such a frequent visitor that one day I came home to a message on our answering machine: “Dave, this is so-and-so at the Habitat ReStore, and we have something you might be interested in…”

It’s also a great place to donate things you no longer need, like ceiling fans and cabinets and leftover flooring. It’s like a paradise for people like my husband.

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  1. alice says:

    Loved the article. I can believe that the ReStore calls Dave as he is proabably their best customer. He is very talented in ‘re-storing’ things. I should kidnap him for several jobs for me LOL

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