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Sandbar first.

Writing this one down before I forget it.

Last Saturday, I told Cooper we were going downtown to the library to pick out another movie. We’d checked out “Lion King” a few weeks before, and he loved it so much I think we’re going to have to buy it. He talks about Simba all the time. “Simba sad”- it’s really cute.

The plan was to go to the library first and then stop by the Sandbar to see daddy (he got called in to work when the bar was slammed with customers after the KU basketball game and between sessions of the Craft Brew Expo happening downtown).

Entrance to the Sandbar in Lawrence, KS | www.wifeofabartender.comMy sweet boy had other plans.

“No. Sandbar first!” he told me.

I told him again that we were going to the library first, then Sandbar. “Sandbar first!” he repeated.

How do you not laugh at a two year old insisting on going to a bar, of all places, before the library?* I explained that we had to go to the library first, because there’s popcorn at the Sandbar and we couldn’t take popcorn to the library.

I think he was okay with that. Popcorn solves everything.

*Please don’t judge me. It’s daddy’s office, after all.


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  1. Meryl says:

    Speaking of adult topics, K and I had a 2 minute conversation about learning to aim his penis this evening. I thought that was a daddy job, but somehow it came through on my watch.

    And, while I love the library, the Sandbar is awfully fun.


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