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Sausage Waffles on a Stick.

Doesn’t that sound delicious? I didn’t really think so, until I tried it.

A few years ago, Dave and Peach, our business partner, went to a restaurant inventory sale. They had some crazy idea, as usual, and ended up bringing home a couple of industrial-strength corn dog making machines. Dave tells me they retail for something like $600, but they paid maybe $25 for each of them.

The crazy idea never actually materialized, so this ginormous thing has been sitting in my house gathering dust for far too long:

corn dog making machine

It’s kind of been on my nerves. Well, not even kind of- it’s been on my nerves a lot. We had never used it, and I’ve been trying to get rid of all the extra “stuff” that accumulates in our house. This piece of stainless steel seemed better suited for the closet at the bar than my kitchen.

Until today.

Dave cooked lunch, and I came downstairs to find this:

sausage waffle on a stick

Behold, our new pool party food for the summer: sausage waffles on a stick.

Here’s what he did: bought pre-cooked frozen sausages, whipped up a batch of pancake/waffle mix (we use Bisquick), stuck a wooden skewer on the sausage and loaded them up in the corn dog machine. A few minutes later we had waffle-covered sausages to dip in a little bowl of syrupy deliciousness.

No doubt there will be all kinds of waffle-covered food this summer. And corn dogs. And anything else we can cook in that giant contraption taking up space in my kitchen.

3 Responses to “Sausage Waffles on a Stick.”

  1. Sue Maniscalo says:

    Are you interested in selling you waffle iron? I have a concession truck and I am looking for a commercial waffle maker for making waffles on a stick.

  2. Robert Crawford says:

    Is there a manufacture name on this machine? I would like to buy one.

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