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Shamrock shuffle.

Yesterday, Cooper completed his first 5K!

The Shamrock Shuffle is just one of the bazillion events that make up the annual Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day Parade extravaganza. If you thought it was *just* a parade, you would be wrong. The entire production takes place throughout most of the year with a variety of fundraising events that benefit local children’s charities and culminates on March 17 with a parade through downtown and North Lawrence.

Every year, we have a team in the Pub Quiz trivia (and of course last year, the year I didn’t play, our team won!). We also build a little float for the parade. But this was the first time I signed up for the 5K, and it was a great Saturday morning activity for mom and baby!

Shamrock Shuffle photoOur new personal record is 54 minutes. Yes, we walked the whole way and enjoyed the company of Jen and Meshell (thanks ladies!). There were all kinds of people there: serious runners, old people, little kids and even some dogs. And men dressed in green speedos. And lots of green tutus and knee socks and other festive attire.

Cooper got a medal at the finish line and promptly cried for the first time all morning. I think he was overwhelmed by all the people and the noise and the excitement. We ate pancakes and saw friends and pointed at dogs.

The best part of the morning, though? When it started raining on us near the halfway point. Not a downpour, but more than a mist. I felt myself starting to grumble about it, aggravated that my hair would look even worse than it already did and my mascara would probably run down my face, when a little girl about six years old who was near us exclaimed “Yay! It’s raining!” as she started to dance around.

Her joy at the rain really gave me a new perspective, and we talked a little about that as we walked. How kids see things differently, and how we should reframe our way of thinking sometimes to be more like them. How instead of “working out,” we should “play” instead.

I hope I can raise my son to continue believing that activity is fun, not work. His little fourteen-month-old brain certainly believes that right now. He’s wearing his mama out!

2 Responses to “Shamrock shuffle.”

  1. Kris Adair says:

    I loved seeing all the families there. So many kids were having fun that it was hard to be upset that my hair was a mess and there was mascara running down my face. Great job!

    • Debbi says:

      Thanks! And I agree- I was happily surprised to see so many kids doing both races. I’ll have to make it a habit so Cooper just gets used to it and doesn’t know any better.

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