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Cooper and I took a quick trip to grandma and grandpa’s house this weekend. They haven’t seen him since Easter, and he’s grown so much since then! So we loaded up the exersaucer, a pile of diapers and clothes and hit the road.

New toys. Everybody knows that grandma’s primary job is to spoil the grandkids, and my mom is no exception. We were barely in the door and she brought out a bag of noisy toys. Cooper’s favorite? The turtle that talks about shapes and colors. Of course, he just wanted to eat it.

Braum’s. Best ice cream store ever. I worked there way back in high school when the store first opened (nearly twenty years ago!). For two years and an extra summer in college, that’s where I spent my time. The store’s expanded since then and looks quite different, but I was pleasantly surprised to see so many old familiar ice cream flavors. After we visited my grandma, dad bought me a peppermint ice cream cone.

Donuts. People, if you’ve never had a donut from Wellington’s Daylight Donut Shop, you’ve never had a donut. Sure, my fellow Lawrencians rave about the legendary, now-defunct Joe’s Donuts, and I liked them too, but I promise, they don’t compare. Bless my mother for buying a box of donuts Saturday morning. I ate two chocolate long johns that afternoon, and finished off the third one the next day. And I didn’t even feel guilty about it.

Baby time. It was so nice to just have time to play with Cooper and not feel like I should be doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom or sweeping or cooking or any other random household chore. We spent lots of time on the floor playing with new toys and learning new tricks.

Popcorn. My dad makes the best popcorn. Clearly, there’s a recurring theme of good food in the house and town I grew up in.

It was a too-short visit, as always.

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  1. alice headley says:

    okay – I think I should print this and send it to the donut shop. they would appreicate it.

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