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Fun with Tweetups.

The Lawrence social media community had another great tweetup tonight! If you’ve never heard of or been to a tweetup, it’s basically a social gathering of Twitter users— a way for people who talk to each other online to get together offline and socialize in person. The first tweetup I went to was in the summer of 2009, after I’d been using Twitter for a few months. I kept telling my friend...

Dave’s Day at Famous Dave’s

Thanks to @free on Facebook, I found out about Dave’s Day at Famous Dave’s. The barbecue joint recently opened a restaurant in Lawrence, all the way over on the west side of town. Dave’s Day was Sunday, and anyone named David, Dave or Davy got a free entree. Free food? I’m all about free stuff, even if it wasn’t technically for me. And even if it meant driving all the way across town....

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