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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have lots to be thankful for, every year and all the time, but this year is extra-special because of baby’s impending arrival next month. I am thankful that Dave and I are finally at the point in our lives where we can add to our little family.

Thankful for my awesome husband. Obviously. It would take me a year to list all the reasons why.

Thankful that we both have jobs. Jobs that we enjoy, and jobs that provide enough income for us to do the things we want to do— like have a baby and go to concerts and restaurants and occasionally travel— as well as the things we need to do— like pay utility bills and for repairs on our 100+year old home.

Thankful for our family. Family that we actually enjoy being around and wish we could see more often. So many people complain about their in-laws, and spending time with them at holidays, and arguing over whose house to go to when. Every time I hear the complaints I’m reminded of how lucky we are to both have in-laws we love, who are easy to make holiday plans with, and who don’t put guilt trips on us about where we go and when we go there.

Thankful for our house. We love our house and we may never leave it. We’re blessed to have a house we can afford, in a location we love. Even though it requires a lot of work, much of the work is by choice rather than necessity; it’s in surprisingly good shape for a house so old. And Dave is able to do most of the work himself, and he even enjoys it most of the time.

Thankful for our dog. After our last two dogs passed within six months of each other, I didn’t think I’d be ready for another dog. Maybe ever. But my smart and insightful husband knew better, and now we have Lucy. I can’t imagine our life without her, as much of a pain as she can be sometimes.

Thankful for our friends. We have great friends. Lots and lots of great friends who we can always count on and who we don’t always spend enough time with. Childhood friends, college friends, friends from the bar, work friends, online friends. I’m grateful for all them.

What are you thankful for today?

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