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The End of the Great Baby Name Debate.

For nine months, we debated names for our baby boy. There were serious contenders along with the not-so-serious, names that one of us liked but the other didn’t, and of course Dave and friends tossed out plenty of silly names that were never really in the running. By the time we got to the hospital on Dec. 27, we had managed to agree on a short list of possibilities:

  • Cooper
  • Jackson
  • Wyatt
  • Cash
  • Logan
  • William

For the first two days after baby pickle made his debut, we still didn’t know what to call him.

Jackson was eliminated because we found out that every fourth boy born in the country is named Jackson. Not really. But it’s apparently a perpetual resident of the top 10 baby names for boys list, and elementary school teacher friends informed us they had multiple Jacksons in every class.

Cash, a more unusual choice for us that I actually came up with, also got dropped— we didn’t like the money connotation that came with the name. After people made jokes about “he can just sign his name with a dollar sign,” we decided it wasn’t a good choice even though we really, really liked it.

Logan was always at the bottom of that short list; and as much as I liked Wyatt, Dave didn’t seem to love it so much.

William was a surprisingly traditional choice that Dave suggested, and we liked it a lot. Interestingly enough, baby boy shares a birthday with Coach Bill Self.

In the end, though, we decided to go with Cooper— one of the very first names we had talked about way back in the beginning, and a name that was always at the top of my list. It seems to fit him.

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