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The kitchen remodel is closer to done.

We upgraded our kitchen sink this week.

In the grand scheme of the ongoing saga of the home renovation that is our life, this is pretty minor. But sometimes, it’s amazing what a big difference such a minor change can make.

Our old sink– the white one on the top in the picture, if you couldn’t tell– worked fine. It held up well over the past twelve or so years. Can I tell you where we got it? From a dumpster. Yep, that’s right.

Old sink, new sink | www.wifeofabartender.comAn old neighbor of ours, Adam, used to work as a yard manager at Payless Cashways. Remember that home products store we used to have, similar to Home Depot? We loved it. And we spent a lot of money there, but we also saved a lot there.

One time, when Dave was out in the yard, he checked out the dumpster. (Don’t ask me why. I have to restrain my husband– and my mother, for that matter– in May and again in August during KU’s notorious move-out weekends. Dumpster diving is an art in this town.)

Anyway, this time it paid off: a brand-new kitchen sink. It was in the dumpster because it had one tiny little chip in the porcelain so they decided they couldn’t sell it. My bargain-hunting husband promptly brought it home.

But lately, as we’ve been finishing up our kitchen, we’ve talked about replacing it. Both of us have always loved those huge, farmhouse-style single-basin sinks. And honestly, the divider in the middle of our sink has mostly been a pain. Most of our dishes go in the dishwasher anyway, and the ones that don’t are typically large pots and pans that are awkward to wash in a double-basin sink.

So, we ordered a new sink. It’s the one on the bottom in the picture. Isn’t it lovely? I adore it.

2 Responses to “The kitchen remodel is closer to done.”

  1. Leslie Williams says:

    Second new sink I’ve seen someone get today! Good way to start a weekend!

  2. Megan H says:

    I feel you on the silly divider down the middle of the sink – that thing is the bane of my existence! Your new sink is gorgeous and shiny. *swoon* Congratulations!

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