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Thoughts on Halloween Costume Shopping.

We love Halloween at my house. And not just the holiday itself— what we really love is any excuse to dress in costumes. We can turn any holiday or event into one that’s more fun with a costume.

Since we get so excited about costumes, you might think that we’d be excited about not one, but TWO Halloween “superstores” in downtown Lawrence, but we’re not. At all.

First of all, I’m all for a free market and competition and all that. I’m not in favor of towns or neighborhoods placing restrictions on the types of businesses that can exist, and I could never live in a neighborhood that dictated what color my house could be (not that I’m painting mine purple or anything crazy like that) or where I could be fined for leaving my garage door open.

However, we try to support local businesses when we can, and especially fellow downtown businesses, since our own livelihood is invested in a local downtown business. And that’s why I was so disappointed to see two Halloween superstores open up this year in vacant downtown storefronts.

Sure, these stores occupy an otherwise vacant space— for two months, tops, and then they’re gone. Meanwhile, our town has been fortunate to have a locally owned, year-round costume shop since 1978. Fun and Games is a great source for wigs, makeup, costumes and anything else you need for Halloween or any other event that requires a costume. Or, rent a costume from Sarah’s, another year-round, downtown staple.

And if you can’t find what you need at Fun and Games or Sarah’s, try the Antique Mall. It’s one of our favorite places to search for costumes and accessories. I can’t tell you how many great things we’ve bought there— seriously, how many places can you find a black tuxedo jacket with tails and sleeves long enough to fit a man almost seven feet tall?

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  1. Brooke says:

    Fun and Games was BY FAR the BEST costume shopping experience that I’ve ever had. They are clearly having just as much fun helping people find costumes as people are having putting them on.

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