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Three Months of Construction.

The impending arrival of baby is a pretty big deal around here, but it’s not the only thing happening. We, well Dave, has been busy trying to add two new rooms onto the back of our house— as if we didn’t already have enough on our plate.

The addition is a project we’ve talked about for years. Our house is two stories except for the kitchen area, which is only one level, so we had room to build two more rooms on top of the kitchen. Nothing like adding to your family to prompt you to add square footage to your house. The complicating factor? Our house sits on the edge of a historic district, so we had a few more hoops to jump through in order to get a building permit. The permits finally came through, and construction began this fall— just a few short months before baby’s due date.

Fortunately, baby’s room is the pre-existing guest room and not one of the new rooms that isn’t finished yet, so we have a place to put him when he arrives.

The two new rooms will be a large master bedroom and a guest room, and our current bedroom will become a playroom/second guest room/home for the exercise equipment.

Here’s a look at the progress on our addition:

(I’m totally loving this WebBoard. My friend Jenn shared this cool website, The CoffeeShop Blog, where the author offers free downloads of things like storyboards, textures and actions. I have no experience with these things, but I was able to create this image in about twenty minutes with PhotoShop Elements, the help of tutorials on her site and a little bit of Googling.)

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