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This pregnancy has been super easy. I really have no complaints about the first 32 weeks, aside from mild carpal tunnel syndrome, a little bit of heartburn and swollen feet.

But the past two weeks have brought on the discomfort that I’ve heard so many women complain about— major heartburn, exhaustion and worst of all, a near inability to breathe most of the time.

I’ve started sleeping while propped up on pillows, which helps the heartburn. I’m trying to avoid medicine, besides Tums, if I can. So far, so good.

The exhaustion is harder to overcome. It’s not sleepy-tired, it’s more like I-physically-can’t-move tired.

When I wake up in the morning, I can barely move my hands and feet. Walking is hard— for once in my life, I’m actually moving slower than the average person. And I sigh a lot, loudly, because it’s hard to breathe. Every morning, Dave wakes up and asks if I’m okay. Yes, dear, I’m fine.  I’m just awkward and uncomfortable.

Even talking wears me out. (Which I’m sure my husband secretly appreciates.)

Six more weeks.

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  1. Fortunately you will forget all of this in 6 weeks.

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